If we’re anything alike, you may have fallen for a scam here or there through the years. I’d be mortified to tell you how much hard earned money I have sadly lost in the process. Through a decade of unwise experimentation, I’ve earned a Bachelor’s Degree on the subject.

Creating an advocacy site was not something I originally set out to do, nor had ever given any thought to. It happened quite by accident. As though by divine design, all the pieces came together after my review was posted. Including the material and, shortly thereafter, the concept for this website.

The information I’ve gathered here is presented in such a way as to share with you some time-tested strategies and resources necessary to dramatically increase your odds of resolving consumer disputes (provided you are in the right). I mainly reference online-based businesses on this site, but most of these techniques can be used for offline businesses as well.

You can do these steps yourself, and I’ve included many examples from my own real-life experience to show you what worked for me (see Case Study). Additionally, I offer my skills as consultant / ghostwriter / editor. There is an art and science to winning these sticky cases.

I sincerely hope YOU will never have to go through what I have (see Tips). That said, if you or someone you know should ever need an advocate to help you through a difficult situation, I’m here for you.